JP Super Ride 2019

JP Australia

Freeride/Freerace board filling the gap between the Magic RIde and the Super Sport.
Foil Ready
Vol.: 102, 116, 124, 132, 146
Gold Edition, PRO Edition, Full Wood Sandwich, Epoxy Sandwich

1.499,00 € VAT included

Goya Air PRO 2019


Freestyle Single
The Air Pro 2019 has more compact outline giving more control in stronger wind and spinning faster in the air. The new, thick square tail design gives extra speed entereing the manouver and more pop. It also provides a bit more margin in sliding maneuvers.
Vol.: 89, 99, 106.

2.110,00 € VAT included

Ride Engine Patrick Rebstock Pro Tg. S

Ride Engine

Waist harness
Size: S
8" hook included

100,00 € VAT included

Dakine T-3 Tg. L


Waist harness
Tg. l

60,00 € VAT included

Neil Pryde Hornet 7.7 2013

Neil Pryde

twin-cam freeride
size 7.7
2 camber
luff 491
boom 204
mast 460/490

289,99 € VAT included

Neil Pryde RS:FlightAL Foil 2018

Neil Pryde

second hand
ALU / G10
85 cm. mast
deep tuttle

499,00 € VAT included

Slingshot Wizard 105 2018


tavola specifica per foil
vol. 105 lt.
*footstraps non included

1.250,00 € VAT included

JP Hydrofoil 135 ES 2018

JP Australia

second hand
foil dedicaded board
vol. 135 lt.
215x86 cm.
epoxy sandwich construction
JP original straps included
***used 3 times only

1.090,00 € VAT included

Tabou 3S+ 2019


If you want to have one single board for freeriding, wave sailing, freestyling and bump&jump conditions, the 3S + is the board of choice for you!

1.998,99 € VAT included

JP Freestyle Wave 2019

JP Australia

From last year brand new shape for this freewave, a must to have for anybody who is looking for a medium to highwind all-round board. Inspired to the Wave Slate is JP fastest, liveliest and most maneuverable all-water toys ever. The Pro Edition verison comes with the thruster setup (side fin covers are provided).

2.048,00 € VAT included