Wave freewave sails



Point-7 Spy 2018


5 batten onshore wave and bump & jump sail, very powerful and very fast planning with light wind. Ideal for wave, freewave and freemove boards.

694,00 € VAT included

Neil Pryde Combat 2018

Neil Pryde

4 batten sail of choice for any wave sailing conditions from side-offshore to onshore. It delivers low end power when you need it. Light for jumping, stable for predictability, and strong for endurance.

729,00 € VAT included

Goya Fringe 2018


Fringe Pro
Surfwave 3 Batten
Super light, minimalist wave sail featuring feather light handling, progressive maneuverability, low-end power and drastically improved high wind control with the 2018 version.

663,00 € VAT included

Goya Banzai 2018


Power Wave
4 Batten
The new design offers easier flexible power, mindless control, and massively improved range.

667,00 € VAT included

Gaastra IQ 2018


Ultimate wave weapon for wave sailors and progressive freestylers looking for radical performance in all wave conditions.

679,00 € VAT included