Liquid Force Trip 2019

Liquid Force

Flex: Medium to Stiff
Skill: Beginner to Intermediate
The TRIP is the ultimate boat board for any level rider, from beginners to experts looking for a smooth and predictable ride. It has an aggressive and continuous rocker with smooth edge and fluid pop off the wake.

329,00 € VAT included

Liquid Force Butter Stick 2019

Liquid Force

Flex: Soft
Skill: Intermediate to Advanced
Unique reinforced super soft Flex Zone tipsto achieve the perfect nose press on a rail or the ultimate butter slides across the lake.

539,00 € VAT included

Liquid Force Peak 2019

Liquid Force

Flex: Medium
Skill: Intermediate to Advanced
Best pop, wood core, "spring loaded" flex, single concave con mid body channels, concave beveled edge.
Exclusive LF Liquid Rail, grind base, FLEX TRACK system.

619,00 € VAT included

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Liquid Force Eclipse 2018

Liquid Force

The Eclipse is LF longer park board designed for those that are going bigger and need a board that can bring softer landings. It also suits well intermediate riders that like cruising around the park with a more foregiving board on landings.

526,15 €   619,00 € VAT included