Dakine Twist Control System


Twist control system for footstraps, compatible with most of the foostraps on the market.

8,50 € VAT included

MT Screw

MT Screw for thsuter and quad side fins

0,95 € VAT included

Washer Jaw Footstrap Screws

Washer Jaw Footstrap Screws

Nylon Washer PB/MT/TT Screw

Nylon Washer for Power Box / MT / Tuttle Screw fin screws

2,05 € VAT included

Fin Plate for US Box fin scew

Fin Plate for US Box fin scew

2,20 € VAT included

Fin Screw US Box Long

25mm. US box fin screw

0,95 € VAT included

MFC Mini Tuttle plastic side cover


Covers for mini tuttle boxes (set of two)

10,00 € VAT included

Power Box / Tuttle Fin Screw

Power Box / Tuttle Fin Screw (50mm.)

1,40 € VAT included

Footstraps screw

windsurfing footstraps screw

0,90 € VAT included

Air valve

Air valve screw with o-ring for windsurfing boards

4,00 € VAT included