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Maverx MX 85 2018


Wave/freestyle mast
2018 model
85% carbon prepreg. 100% Made in Italy

358,40 €   448,00 € VAT included

Goya RDM 90%


Designed for flatwater Freestyle, Freecarve and Freeride, the 99% has the fastest reflex response of all Goya masts, if not all the windsurfing industry, giving enormous amounts of acceleration to any sail you rig on it.

680,00 € VAT included


Reptile Reverse

Reptile Mast

Amazing and unique 100% RDM 100% made in Italy.
Two curve bends in one mast: just invert the base orientation and switch from a flex top mast to a hard top!

419,00 € VAT included