RRD Single Mast Bag


RDM/SDM padded mast bag.
Velcro adjustment system.
S (fits 310, 340, 370 and 400 mast)
L (fits 430, 460, 490 and 520 mast)

19,00 € VAT included

Dakne EQ Windsurf Duffle 240 Bag


Rig bag extendible from 240 cm. to 260 cm.
Sizes: 240 + 20 x 50 x 20 cm., 2.2 kg.

100,00 € VAT included

Dakine Foil Quiver Bag


Dakine Foil Quiver Bag
110 x 15 x 40cm 3.8 lbs [ 1.75kg ]
Fully padded specific hydrofoil travel bag with a dedicated compartment for mast, wings, and fuselage. Easily stow up to 2 complete foil sets unassembled, including a clear vinyl pocket with hook and loop closure for stashing tools and bolts, with handles and shoulder padded straps.

150,00 € VAT included

NP Team Rider Bag

NP Surf

Wheeled quiver bag
Size: 210x65x22

115,00 € VAT included

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Point-7 Quiver Bag Vario


Perfect to keep you sail tidy in your vehicle or for air travel. Soft finish material to prevent scratches on or in your car. Super light to maximize the kg of equipment allowed on your next surf trip by plane.

87,19 €   108,99 € VAT included

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Point-7 Accessories Bag


The one-stop bag for all your windsurfing accessories, wetsuits and tools. Purpose built using abrasion resistant materials combined with off-road wheels for when you need to drag it down to the beach. With multiple compartments with easy and safe storage for screws, tools and spare parts as well as large zippered compartments at each end, the Accessories Bag will house everything you need to get yourself out on the water.

90,30 €   129,00 € VAT included

Mystic Mastbag Travel


Mast bag
Max leight 260 cm

39,00 € VAT included