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Marker Body Short 1.11 Otis


Most falls end up dumping the skier on their tailbone or hip. The new 1.11 OTIS body shorts delivers effective protection for this area, with MAP protector pads covering the entire surface of these areas, reducing impact energy. They are just 11 mm thick, extremely flexible and fully compliant with the EN1621-1 standard for hip protectors.

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Marker Body Vest 2.15 Otis MEN


The new 2.15 OTIS body vest is a revolutionary back protector, because no product does more with less. Thanks to the MAP technology inside, less than 16 mm of material are all that‘s needed to fulfill the tough EN1621-2:2014 standard for protective garments. During a crash, extra spinal column protection delivers heightened security against pointed or sharp-edged objects/stones/chunks of ice. MAP pads on the front and sides of the ribcage mean extra protection. High-quality, extremely flexible functional materials from major Italian manufacturers help ensure that the vests fit like a second skin. The mesh is highly breathable and draws moisture away from the body. The height of the integrated kidney belt can be repositioned to reflect the skier‘s individual spinal column length. It is removable to ensure the back protector without the vest.

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RED Basic Knee Pad

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RED Total Impact Back Protector

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