Dakine XT Seat


Most comfortable and with best lombar support seat harness ever done!
Spreader bar sold separately.

100,00 € VAT included

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Mystic Star Waist harness windsurf


windsurf 2018
Very comfy with a good support and max agility.
Anatomical backplate and well protected spreader bar.

126,00 €   140,00 € VAT included

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Dakine T-8 Classic Slider Harness


T-8 is the latest of Dakine T series as for top end windsurf waist harnesses. Back panel is stiffer and more anatomic. The new sliding spreader bar is definitely more confortable and locked in place.

165,01 €   220,00 € VAT included

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Ride Engine Hex Core 2017

Ride Engine

Revolutionary harness that changes expectations improving performance and comfort The ergonomic hard shell distributes load evenly across the lumbar and hips and lock the harness low on the back.
The Hex-core harness is made from Ride Engine's Hex Honeycome Core technology and is the most flexible of the line up., making it a bit more forgiving and universally fitting.

198,10 €   283,00 € VAT included