Ride Engine 2019 Prime Island Time Harness


Ride Engine 2019 Prime Island Time Harness

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Ride Engine

No twisting, no riding up, no squeezing the belly, exrta lombar support and great freedom of movement: the perfect waist harness!

Spreader bar sold separately.

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  • New Prime Shell construction is slightly softer than the Elite Series, but just as durable 
  • Lumbar Lock conforms to your lower back and prevent the harness from twisting from side to side. 
  • Low profile fit improves mobility and keeps harness down low where it’s supposed to be
  • Dual-zone closure system allows for top and bottom tightening, a more precise fit and adjusting while you ride
  • Improved composite shell is more durable 
  • Cushy Fusion Foam padding makes the harness feel like it’s part of your body

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