freestyle sails



Neil Pryde Wizard 2018

Neil Pryde

This is the most accomplished freestyle sail there is, working perfectly for every freestyle level. Delivering explosive acceleration, direct drive and insane lift.

808,99 € VAT included

Goya Bounce 2018


Freestyle 4 Batten
For dedicated and uncompromised technical freestyle windsurfing.
Lightest weight, instantaneous yet flexible lifting power, stable draft for easy control, high cut foot and raised clew for duck tricks.
Super light super strong scrim panels, woven Dacron luff panel, 5mil monofilm window.

669,00 € VAT included

Gaastra Pure 2018


Absolute Pure freestyle Perfection.
New for 2018:
- new clew cut out
- redesigned leech twist
More control and stability.
From Wolrd Champs level to progressive freestyle learners.

679,00 € VAT included