Goya Air PRO 2019


Freestyle Single
The Air Pro 2019 has more compact outline giving more control in stronger wind and spinning faster in the air. The new, thick square tail design gives extra speed entereing the manouver and more pop. It also provides a bit more margin in sliding maneuvers.
Vol.: 89, 99, 106.

2.110,00 € VAT included

JP Freestyle 2019

JP Australia

Modern shape very successful in 2017 payong off JP freestyle program over the years. These compact boards accelerate superbly for powerful jumps and the shortness of all the shapes enhances the handling in all moves and speeds up all rotations.
PRO EDITION in Carbon Innegra Technology

2.399,00 € VAT included


Tabou Twister 2019


Hardcore freestyle board designed to push the limits of modern freestyle!!!
Futuristic shape for the 90 and 100, both of them 209 cm. long.

2.199,00 € VAT included