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GA Sails Hybrid 2018


Hybrid: the Ultimate Allrounder
One sail for all spots.
3.7-4.7: 4 batten power wave. lots of control, ealry planing and maneuverability
5.2-6,4: 5 batten bump & jump sail, stable and fast
6.7-8.2: 6 batten freeride sail, speed and acceleartin

447,30 €   639,00 € VAT included

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GA Sails Matrix 2018


6 batten freeride sail. Being so high performing experienced sailor like it to lay down power jibes on freeeride boards. Being so easy even the less experienced ones can get used to full speed planing.

502,52 €   739,00 € VAT included

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RRD Move MK6


Freemove sail powerful and very stable. BIg siize range from 4.2 up to 7.2. 5 battens in all sizes except for 6.7 and 7.2. The bigger sizes are more flat water oriented while medium and smaller sizes also excel in bump and jump condition on freewave boards.

569,80 €   814,00 € VAT included

Point-7 AC-K 2018


Easier 3 cam race sail.

469,00 € VAT included

Point-7 AC-X 2018


Race performance without cams

509,00 € VAT included