Freeride & Freerace




BIC Windsurf

Highly versatile and adaptable SUP/windsurfer for both windy and calm conditions.

1.049,00 € VAT included

JP Super Sport 2019

JP Australia

Powerful and serouisly fast freerace boards, best for advanced and sporty riders willing tounleash all of the boards potential.
Vol.: 101, 113, 125, 137
Versioni: Gold, Pro Edition, Full Wood Sandwich.

1.998,99 € VAT included

Tabou Rocket+ 2019


Easy and user-friendly freerace board with stunning top speed and acceleration.
FOIL READY (not only a reinforced foil box, but a wider outline on the tail to get the leverage needed.
Vol.: 103, 113, 123, 133.

1.998,99 € VAT included

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Goya Volar


Modern freeride: easy, fun and high-performing, the fast of its class!
Ideal for intermediate riders. to improve skills such as power jibing, but really enjoyable for expert riders looking for a fun ride in the medium-low wind range without switching to sllaom or freeace gear.
Vol.: 105 (PRO only), 115, 130, 145, 160 (AST only)
PRO (carbon) / AST (wood sandwich)

1.192,00 €   1.490,00 € VAT included

JP Super Ride 2019

JP Australia

Freeride/Freerace board filling the gap between the Magic RIde and the Super Sport.
Foil Ready
Vol.: 102, 116, 124, 132, 146
Gold Edition, PRO Edition, Full Wood Sandwich, Epoxy Sandwich

1.499,00 € VAT included

JP Magic Ride 2019

JP Australia

The Magic Ride provides excpetional early planning , a comofortable and exciteing ride and unbelievable jibing abilities. A very moder short, wide and thin shape that makes thiese boards easy and fun.
Vol.: 97, 103, 112, 119, 130, 142
Pro Edition, Full Wood Sandwich, Epoxy Sandwich, ES Family.

1.448,99 € VAT included

Tabou Rocket 2019


The Tabou Rocket is famous for being the most reliable and easy-to-use classic freeride board
in the world, with the signature “soft-touch” feeling as the board cuts through chop. It performs well both with no-cam sails and full-cam sails.
Vol.: 95, 105, 115, 125.

1.899,00 € VAT included

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Goya Bolt


Bolt Pro, Freerace: crazy fast but still accessible and easy. Available in 95, 105, 115*, 125*, 135* liters. The 3 bigger sizes are Foil Ready (reinforced fin box to support hydrofoil pressure).

1.592,00 €   1.990,00 € VAT included