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Tabou Rocket Wide LTD/CED 2017


The Rocket wide is our modern take on the Freeride board. We took the the award-winning Rocket and made it shorter, wider, thinner, and faster. The end result is a board that is soft to ride, easy to jibe, and fast in the straights.
The extra width of the Rocket Wide allows it to carry speed through lulls which is good in gusty winds or on freshwater lakes. The width also helps to keep speed and stays balanced during jibes. Overall the easy outline helps the Rocket Wide fly out of jibes, and the slalom features can almost beat race boards in speed, all with a freeride comfort.

1.473,33 €   2.199,00 € VAT included

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Goya Volar PRO


Last creation from Goya Windsurffing.
The Volar is an easy and fun freeride board.
It's fast and accelerates very quickly. It is also very stable both going straight and jibing, fiving exrtra confidence to push the limit more and more.
\Available in 105, 115, 130, 145 liters.

1.691,51 €   1.990,00 € VAT included