Dakine High Octane Rub on Wax


Two step application
Rub on then buff into base with attached cork
Push up container for easy on hill application
All Temp formula provides hot wax performance without the hassle
Rub wax into base
Buff with attached cork

20,00 € VAT included

Dakine Sasquatch Log Wax


Straight from the Pacific Northwest
All Temp wax
Rub on, or use as a hot wax
Rub wax or hot wax into base

20,00 € VAT included

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k2 Speed Shovel

Built as a lightweight alternative to the Rescue shovel, the Speed is for those looking to keep it minimal and basic. With a simplified handle design and the same proven shovel design as our rescue shovel, the Speed Shovel is everything you need and nothing you don't.

27,47 €   54,95 € VAT included

On sale

K2 230 Aluminium Probe

Flexible probes are adequate for collecting snow-pit data and identifying crevasses, and we hope that's the only time you ever need your probe. But when it's time to locate a buried avalanche victim, a more flexible or fragile model could be a fatal mistake. So even though our probes are as light as anything you'll find on the market, we're most proud of the fact that they're among the strongest and stiffest available.

23,18 €   46,36 € VAT included

Burton Fluoro Hot Wax - All Temperature

40 Grams
All Temperature Condition Formulation: 32°F to 14°F [0°C to -10°C]
Apply with Iron Set to Medium Heat, Scrape, Brush (Optional) and Go
Competition-Grade, Temperature-Specific Fluorinated Wax for Accelerated Speed

15,13 € VAT included

Burton Channel Mat

# Mounts in The Channel Plug
# NEW Design
# Two Position Adjustability for Maximum Traction Options

8,06 € VAT included