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JP Super Sport PRO EDITION 2018

JP Australia

THe JP Super Sport delivers explosive acceleration and electrifying speed very similar to slalom boards but definitely much easier and more comfortable. The Pro Edition version comes in volumes 101, 113, 125 and 137.

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JP Freestyle Wave PRO 2018

JP Australia

Brand new shape for this freewave, a must to have for anybody who is looking for a medium to highwind all-round board. Inspired to the Wave Slate is JP fastest, liveliest and most maneuverable all-water toys ever. The Pro Edition verison comes with the thruster setup (side fin covers are provided).

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JP Freestyle 2018

JP Australia

Modern shape very successful in 2017 payong off JP freestyle program over the years. These compact boards accelerate superbly for powerful jumps and the shortness of all the shapes enhances the handling in all moves and speeds up all rotations.

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JP Hydro Foil 2017

JP Australia

"Hydro Foil: just like flying!"
Available from May 2017
JP introduces two differente sizes: 135 and 155.
The 135 makes foiling easy in a big wind range and well suits beginners needs but can also be very performing in racing.
The 155 is the hig performance foil board allowing the use of bigger sails for early take-off in ultra light wind conditions.
All boards come with a reinforced fin box and can also be used as regular windsurfing board with tuttle or deep tuttle fins.

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