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Infinity Blackfish 12'6x25" 2017

Infinity Surfboard Co.

12'6" x 25"
vol. 260 lt.
no scratches, no repair, perfect conditions

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Infinity Blackfish

Infinity Surfboard Co.

The 2017 Blackfish comes with the planning hull design that is overtaking the race world. Originally intended as an ocean racer, it turned our to be very fast in the flat water stuff as well.
This board gives you max stability and faster sprints even when the elemets get ugly.

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Infinity Wide Aquatic

Infinity Surfboard Co.

All around
The Wide Aquatic series' pedigree comes from Infinity race department, but these boards have been engineered with stability, volume and comfort in mind. They come with extra comfy pads and Go-Pro mount. Max volume, Max speed, fun and still fast.

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Infinity B-LINE

Infinity Surfboard Co.

B-LINE / Giorgio Gomez pro model
Explosive feeling and sharp rail, with lots of speed and stability.
Nose is quite wide but still pointy. The linear outline gives good stability. Big wing at the fins to give good pivot off the bottom. Tour level board!

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Infinity RNB

Infinity Surfboard Co.

The Round Nose Blurr is Infinity's most popular performance surf designs of all time with the perfect mix of performance and stability. It's a definitely fast board with a design that fills the gap between a traditional “shortboard” style outline and the “tomo” inspired parallel rail boards. This board allows riders to ride a shorter and narrower board while maintaining similar stability of a board 1-2” wider.

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