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Slingshot Wizard 2018


The Slingshot Wizard is the windsurfing foiling board to start with the basics of foiling, to master them and to progress throught tacking, jibing and all sort of tricks. The Wizard’s low swing weight and compact platform will allow easy and fast progress.
Available in three sizes 105L, 125L, 150L.
All mounting hardware are included.
Footstraps are not included.

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Slingshot Foiling Flight School mast package


Set of three separate masts of incremental lengths (15”, 24” and 30”) to learn foiling in the safest and most indipendent way.

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Slingshot Hover Glide FWIND2


With its larger carbon wings the FWIND1 is designed for a lighter wind range and heafvier riders (>80kg.). It emphasis on control, stability and early take-off. And once you get out of first gear in your learning process you will want to lean out and push like you're riding on a fin and jibe like you are on rails. The H2 wing is built for all around foiling, killer turns and will be a long term staple in your quiver.

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