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Tabou Pocket Vintage 2017


A true Tabou classic, the Pocket Vintage is the perfect wave board for every level of sailor. Easy and early to plane, the Pocket Vintage flies through the waves, allowing you to focus on which wave you want to jump or surf, which makes learning to wave sail easier.

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Tabou Da Curve 2017


Tabou's shaper and team keep proving to be very innovative and on track with this multi fin wave boards fast enough to ride onshore and radical for down the line wave riding.

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RRD Wave Cult Ltd V6


The new Wave Cult V6 line up (74, 82, 90 and 104) is radically shorter in length and has wider tail and nose, irs “allround” nature is a key feature.

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Quatro Cube


Volumes: 75/80/85/95/105
Short and compact designed for speed and maneuverability wtih fuller outline through the nose, fuller thickness through the stance to compensate for its shorter length abd for the stance that has been moved back. This makes a more maneuverable board with a straighter rocker. The bottom of vee with double concave running thoughout creates a fast planning, soft and very comfortable board. Fin positioning was reworked for maximum speed and control. The rounded squash tail makes the board very turny but stable. This boad with the quad set up, the fast rocker and new shape is fun to ride in side off conditions as much as side on conditions.

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Goya Custom PRO Surfwave Quad


Over the years we have encouraged everybody to get into bigger board sizes. This new line is our response to the very demand we have pioneered. Fresh tail shapes evolve through the line, starting with smaller Crescent tails, growing in width into the middle of the range and turning into Squash tails for the two big shapes.
Standing only 6” from the tail creates a geometry that allows you to ride the Custom like a surfboard. Shorter outlines, straighter stance rails and narrower tails define the dynamic of these sticks. Concaves run throughout the bottom in ever changing geometry, allowing you to accelerate toward the pocket with no resistence.

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Quatro Sphere


The Sphere is a toned down version of the Pyramid. This is board is actually much faster and more pushy and will excel and destroy any kind of wave you may encounter around this planet. Many new sizes available: 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 105, 115.

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