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Mystic MSTC Pre curved Glove (3mm)


- GBS (Glued Blind Stitched)
- Pre curved shape for effortless grip
- Printed palm
- Velcro wrist strap

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Mystic Mesh Glove (2mm)


-Mesh outer shell (windchill)
- M-Flex neoprene inside
- GBS (Glued Bind Stitched)
- Velcro wrist strap
- Extended cuff length

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Mystic Regular Glove (2mm)


-5 fingers glove
-2 mm
-50% M-Flex
-50% Soft touch neoprene

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Mystic Open palm mitten


Open Palm Mitten (1,5mm)
2014/15 model
only available in size S

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Neil Pryde Half Finger Amara Glove

NP Surf

Amara palm
Ergonomic thumb gusset for improved fit
Adjustable Velcro closure

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Ride Engine 2mm Gloves

Ride Engine

Pre-curved 2mm gloves with liquid rubber sealed seams throughout and a tapered cuff to maintain a tight seal and keep water out. Gel coated palms and fingers provide superior grip for paddles, handles and bars; grip and ergonomics is aided further by the pre-curved shape. This glove will amaze you with the level of warmth and protection you get from a 2mm package.

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Mystic Merino Glove (1,5mm)


Merino wool is the new alternative to be used in wetsuits and other thermo lined products. The reason for this development is that it comes from a sustainable resource whereas synthetic linings are constructed from petrochemicals. In addition, Merino is as natural and organic as your own skin. Being in the cold has never been this warm due to revolutionary, comfortable, antibacterial and odor resistant wool in your gear. In tests conducted by the British Textile Technology group, Merino lining proved to offer a 35% increase in thermal efficiency, in both dry and saturated conditions over the best, comparable synthetic linings.

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Mystic Classic Glove 5mm


Glued And Stitched Seams
S-Seams (Liquid Seals) Outside
Pulling Flap
Mesh Outer Shell
Small Diamond Inner Palm
Durable Position Grip
Teddy-prene Inner Lining

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Neil Pryde Split Finger Glove - Open Palm

NP Surf

Open Palm
2mm mesh back hand paneling
Glued and Blindstiched (GBL) seams
***2014/15 model - size XS only

16,00 €   32,00 € VAT included

Mystic Neo rash Glove Junior



- Amara palm
- Overlock stitch technology
- Veclro wrist strap

- Neoprene outer layer

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