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JP Freestyle Wave PRO 2018

JP Australia

Brand new shape for this freewave, a must to have for anybody who is looking for a medium to highwind all-round board. Inspired to the Wave Slate is JP fastest, liveliest and most maneuverable all-water toys ever. The Pro Edition verison comes with the thruster setup (side fin covers are provided).

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Tabou 3S CLASSIC LTD 2018


A traditional, longer freewave outline with modern features makes the 3S Classic an
easyto-ride board for freeride and bump’n’jump.
It is easy to use and fun for all conditions, with its forgiving, early-planing rocker and modern features, like a cutoff tail for easier jibing. Its length makes it go fast while being easy to balance through chop.

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Quatro Power Pro 2018


Freewave Thruster
Parallel outline with the new three stage rocker concept with a nice flat between the stance and a small release off the diamond tail is allowing this board to really feel free and glide strong and powerful.

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Tabou 3S LTD 2018


Compact freewave board for new-school windsurfers. Bump and jump, wave riding, freestyling and freeriding, this boad excells in all conditions.

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Goya One Pro 2018


Freewave Thruster
One board that does it all: freewave and bump and jump providing all the balance, early planing, power and control you can dream of. It can be ridden as a Single Fin or Thruster.
The One Freewave has the longest and widest body along with the fastest wave rocker, maximizing early planing, power and glide of the boards.

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Tabou Da Bomb 2018


The fastest Tabou wave board, for waverider focused on speed and early planing
The longer outline gives the DaBomb is stable e fast across the whitewaters and the short tail makes the board turn fast and easily when pressure is applied to the back foot. The mini-channels on the bottom give more control. Delivered with thruster set up, but it works well single fin as well.

2.399,00 € VAT included