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Armada Bantam + Marker M 4.5 EPS


Freestyle skis for the little ones.
In this very special deal it comes with the Marker M 4.5 EPS bindings.
Skis are available in 115

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Volkl Pyra Jr


Sci pensato per i rider piu giovani che vogliono avvicinarsi al mondo dei twin tip per i primi trick in pista e i primi giri in park. L'elevata qualità strutturale di Volkl garantisce ottima performace anche nell'evoluzione della propria tecnica ed abilità.

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Volkl Alley


Easy ski for beginner freestyler. The cap construction makes it very durable and full camber profile with directional sidecut make first spins easier to land.

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Armada Bantam (105/115/125)


The Coda's little brother, the Bantam allows our youngest family members to join the fold. ITs design encourages experimantation and its solid construction ensures it's built to be grown into.

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Armada Coda 136


Designed for younger lighter skiers building the strength and experience to dominate te entire mountain: the Coda is the grom's gateway to the park, pipe and all-mountain fun.

Fleet Core
Positive Camber
S7 Base
Laminate Matrix
2.5 Impact Edge

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