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Tom Caruso Rail Saver

Rail Saver:
- transparent
- impact resistent
- anti scratch
- hydrodinam
- waterproof

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Mystic Roofrack System Double


- Fits all cars
- Suitable for 1-5 boards
- Metal cleats with foam around
- No square roofrack needed
- Foam protection between roof and board

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Katadyn BeFree


BeFree Water Filtration System 0.6L
Designed to reduce the levels of bacteria and protozoan cysts commonly found in fresh water sources to make it safer for drinking. Ideal for hiking, camping in the wilderness or travelling in areas where trated water is unavailable.

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RRD HP2 Airsup Pump


The new HP2 pump is a multiple inflating system pump that can act in two modes:
Mode 1 or HIGH CAPACITY mode, or a double action mode of 1,8 +1,8 lts where you can inflate your board from 0 up to 15 PSI of pressure .
Mode 2 or HIGH PRESSURE mode or single action mode of 1,8 lts, where you can pump up to 26 PSI of pressure. ( maximum inflating pressure on your board should be 14-16 PSI)
The mode 2 is recommended only for kids or lightweight girls in order to help inflating your board up to 14-16 PSI of pressure requiring less power on your arms.
A new color coded pressure gauge simplifies the pressure reading and helps inflating your board correctly.
The new softer plastic hi tenacity corrugated inflating tube helps storage inside the carry bag without folding and breaking and has a longer lifetime compared to standard tubes in the market.

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Mystic Paddle Cover


Paddle cover
Adjustable: 160-210, 190-250

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RS Pro - clear

Rail Saver:
- transparent
- impact resistent
- anti scratch
- hydrodinam
- waterproof

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