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Mystic Legend hooded fullsuit front-zip (5/3)

423,00 €   469,99 € VAT included

The 100% M-Flex 2.0, stretch taping and ultra-lightweight foam makes sure the suit stays very light and super flexible. The q...

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Mystic Elevate WAVE Lightweight with wheels

206,55 €   229,49 € VAT included

The Elevate boardbag is made of a lightweight coated nylon ripstop fabric and weighs a mere 2.4 KG. The bag is extremely ligh...

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Patagonia Men's R4 Yulex Front-Zip Hooded Full Suit

495,00 €   550,00 € VAT included

NEOPRENE FREE!!! hooded fullsuit front zip 5.5/4.5 mm. 85% Yulex® natural rubber/15% synthetic rubber 38–48° F/3–9° C.

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NP Combat Front Zip Fullsuit 5/4/3

391,93 €   489,90 € VAT included

Armor-Skin neoprene fights wind like nothing else while strategically placed Apex-Plus panels allow for unrestricted freedom ...

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